Snoring Spray: Most Comfortable Snoring Aids

One of the first thing people try to help with there snoring in a snoring spray.  The main reason is they are easy to use and the most comfortable snoring aid you can buy.  If your snoring it due to inflammation that is narrowing the airways then snoring spray might work for you.  The ironic thing is that load snoring causes inflammation in the throat so if you are a hardcore snorer then a spray might work for you.  Some people find that a combination of spray and a mouthpiece works the best for them.  These are a few that have good results.


SnoreZip is an homeopathic spray that uses natural ingredients to reduce your snoring.  This works best for people that snore due to mucus build up.  SnoreZip works by increasing oxygen flow by reducing mucus to induce a deep sleep.  If you are a normally a loud snorer when you are not congested or stopped up then you will most likely need to use this in conjunction with additional products.  If you want to grab some for yourself you can click HERE to go to the SnoreZip website.   

Zz Snore

Zz Snore an anti snoring spray that contains all natural ingredients and is backed by clinical studies showing it can reduce or eliminate snoring.  It works as a tissues lubricant that tightens the muscles in your throat and mouth.  This seems to work better than any sprays I have come across.  Last time I checked it came out to be about a dollar a day to which if you share a bed with someone they would gladly pay that.  If you want to check out there site or grab some to try you can click HERE to jump over to there website.

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Snore No More: 25 Ways To Help You Stop Snoring - March 25, 2018

[…] Snoring sprays work by attacking the reasons your airway gets smaller.  The first type aims to lubricate the back of the throat.  This reduces the amount that the tissue can vibrate which is what makes the dreaded snoring sound.  Mouth breathers are notorious for snoring.  This is because breathing thru your mouth at night dries your mouth out.  Anti-snoring sprays moisturize your mucus membrane to prevent snoring and keep you from waking up with cotton mouth.  Other sprays are geared toward clearing up congestion.  Sinus congestion causes a blockage in the nasal passage way the cause you to breathe thru your mouth and snore.  Clearing the mucous build up has been shown to reduce snoring.  Snoring causes snoring.  What I mean is snoring hard causes inflammation in your soft palate.  I have woke up from a long night of snoring and could feel the swelling in my uvula.  It would almost close my airway the first part of my morning until the swelling went down.  Snoring sprays help with this by acting as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the swelling in the soft palate and throat.  This helps to repair the damaging effects of hardcore snoring.  Here are a couple that work well. […]


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