Best Chin Straps To Stop Snoring: Anti Snoring Jaw Straps Review

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Snore No More: 25 Ways To Help You Stop Snoring - February 11, 2018

[…] The snoring chin strap goes over your head and around your chin to hold your jaw in place.  Like some of the mouthpieces it holds your jaw forward which helps open your airway.  It also holds your mouth shut so it forces you to breathe thru your nose.  It is the most straight forward snoring product you can get.  A lot of people find them easier to use then a mouthpiece.  If you are congested or have allergies then the jaw strap will not work for you.  When you are stopped up your body subconsciously switches to mouth breathing to get the most amount of oxygen.  If you can’t breathe well thru your nose and your mouth is strapped closed you could lower your oxygen levels to dangerous levels while sleeping.  Also, if you try a chin strap, make sure you get one made from comfortable material.  You don’t want an itchy or abrasive strap on your face all night.  I have linked to some of the top chin straps for snoring here. […]


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