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Snoring Spray: Most Comfortable Snoring Aids

One of the first thing people try to help with there snoring in a snoring spray.  The main reason is they are easy to use and the most comfortable snoring aid you can buy.  If your snoring it due to inflammation that is narrowing the airways then snoring spray might work for you.  The ironic thing is that load snoring causes inflammation in the throat so if you are a hardcore snorer then a spray might work for you.  Some people find that a combination of spray and a mouthpiece works the best for them.  These are a few that have good results.


SnoreZip is an homeopathic spray that uses natural ingredients to reduce your snoring.  This works best for people that snore due to mucus build up.  SnoreZip works by increasing oxygen flow by reducing mucus to induce a deep sleep.  If you are a normally a loud snorer when you are not congested or stopped up then you will most likely need to use this in conjunction with additional products.  If you want to grab some for yourself you can click HERE to go to the SnoreZip website.   

Zz Snore

Zz Snore an anti snoring spray that contains all natural ingredients and is backed by clinical studies showing it can reduce or eliminate snoring.  It works as a tissues lubricant that tightens the muscles in your throat and mouth.  This seems to work better than any sprays I have come across.  Last time I checked it came out to be about a dollar a day to which if you share a bed with someone they would gladly pay that.  If you want to check out there site or grab some to try you can click HERE to jump over to there website.


Anti Snoring Mouthpiece Reviews: Best Mouthpieces To Stop Snoring

The Good Morning Snore mouthpiece is different from most of the mouthpieces out there.  It uses suction to move your tongue forward to clear your airway.  When you sleep, the muscles in your body relax.  This includes the muscles in your mouth and throat.  When you tongue relaxes it falls back into your airway.  This mouthpiece prevents your tongue from falling back and blocking your airway. The technical term for this is tongue stabilization.   A lot of people end up liking this style of mouthpiece more than the mouthpieces that move your jaw slightly forward.  Users of the Good Morning Snore solution experience less side effects than with the mandibular advancement devices and the few side effects usually disappear within a few days.  Most users find the Good Morning Snore mouthpiece to be more comfortable and more effective in reducing or eliminating snoring.  The price is right at the industry standard but you get half off a second one.  What I really like is that they give you a 90 day 100 % satisfaction guarantee when the others only give 30.  If I were you, this would be the first stop snoring product I would try.  You can check out their website by clicking HERE.

The ZenSleep system has a ZenGuard mouthpiece that is very similar to the Good Morning Snore system in that both mouth pieces use suction to pull the tongue forward.  The mouthpiece itself gets good reviews but not as strong as Good Morning Snore.  The thing that separates ZenSleep from the rest of the snoring products out there is they have complementary products that form a whole system.  The whole ZenSleep system is comprised of a mouthpiece, a jaw strap, an eye mask, nasal vents and of course ear plugs for your partner.   On its own, the mouthpiece is pretty good but combined the ZenSleep system it may edge out the competition.  I personally am not committed enough to use all 5 products at once but if you are dedicated, they are selling the whole system through the my link below for the same price as the mouthpiece alone.  They have changed the return policy to match Good Morning Snore but they charge a 25% environmental waste disposal fee.  If you would like to try the mouthpiece or the whole system or just learn more you can click HERE.

The vitalsleep mouthpiece uses the most popular method of reducing your snoring.  It is a mandibular advancement device that opens your airway by moving the lower jaw forward.  With this type of soring product, you place the mouthpiece in a bowl of hot water to soften the plastic.  After briefly letting the device cool off, you bite down making a mold of your teeth.  What makes vitalsleep different than mouthpieces of its kind is that it is adjustable.  The amount that the lower jaw needs to be pulled forward differs from person to person.  With other devices your jaw might be pulled further than necessary.  This is often the cause of jaw pain, the most frequent side effect with mandibular advancement devices.  With vitalsleep you can use the included adjustment tool to adjust your mouthpiece to your optimal fit.  This also reduces the chance of tooth pain and displacement from improper fit.  To give you further comfort, vitalsleep pairs its 60 day money back guarantee with free replacement for the first year.  The price of this mouthpiece is also almost half the price of most mouthpieces on the market.  If you want to learn more or just try one for yourself you can click right HERE.

The SleepTight mouthpiece is another snoring product that moves your lower jaw forward to open your airway.  This is one of the simplest snoring mouthpieces you can get.  You simply place it in hot water and mold it to your teeth with the included fitting handle.  If you are looking for a cheap way to see if a device like this will work for you then this is your product.  You can try this device for 30 days for only $9.95.  If it works for you and you decide to keep it they will bill you for the full cost of the device.  I experienced a slight jaw pain for the first week but after that the pain subsided and I was getting quite and restful sleep.  It you want to test the stop snoring market for under ten bucks you can click HERE to get yours.

Snore RX is another mandibular advancement device that pulls your lower jaw forward in an attempt to open your airways.  This is not a one size fits all device like most anti snoring mouthpieces.  You can use the Posi-Lock technology to adjust the amount out forward jaw movement.  What make the adjustability of this device a little different than other adjustable mouthpieces is it has unit of measurement printed on the side so you know the exact amount you have advanced you jaw.  This is nice when experimenting on how much you need to get the best results as well as when you need to replace an old mouthpiece.  Once you have your unique settings dialed in you can set it and forget on future devices.  Like other devices, there will be a period of adjustment.  Some users report slight jaw pain the first couple days as well as excessive drooling the first couple of nights.  All in all, this has worked great for most people that try it.  Snore RX offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the device does not work for you.  If you would like to try it risk fee you can HERE to head over to the Snore RX website to get one.

AirSnore uses the popular jaw advancement technology to keep your airways open while you sleep.  The mouthpiece itself is on the simple side.  No adjustments need, you just boil and bite to achieve a custom fit.  AirSnore is made from all soft materials so it does not out added pressure on your teeth to insure comfort while you sleep.  What makes AirSnore different from the other mouthpieces on this list is it is coupled with natural drops that make it easier to breathe while sleeping.  The drops are a blend of five essential oils that help you fall asleep fast.  This really helps when you have a cold or are just congested.  Medication helps you fall asleep but most sedate you which causes the muscles in your throat to relax which makes you snore more.  AirSnore comes with a longer than normal 60 day guarantee to make sure you have plenty of time to try it out.  If you want to try it out for your self you can click HERE to jump over to the AirSnore website.