Snore No More: 25 Ways To Stop Snoring

Before we look at ways to stop snoring let us look at why you snore.  Snoring is caused by the airway in your throat getting narrower.  It’s like a garden hose.  When there is no sprayer on the end, the water comes out gentle but in mass quantities.  When the sprayer is attached it restricts the flow of water and builds pressure.  The result is a reduced amount of water at violent pressure.  Same thing with your throat, when it is restricted your lungs have to force the air through a small opening.  This increased air pressure causes the tissue in your airway to vibrate and cause the horrible sound we all know to be snoring. The follow stop snoring tips are divided into three categories: lifestyle changes, snoring products and bedtime hacks.  Not every tip works for everyone but hopefully you can find a few that will work for you.

Life Style Changes And Activities To Stop Snoring

There are many things that you can do yourself to stop snoring naturally.  The great thing about these snoring home remedies is that for the most part they are free.  Some are easier than others to make a part of your life but each will make you a healthier person overall.  I think you will know from your current lifestyle which methods will work best for you.

1. Lose Weight

When you gain weight, you gain it everywhere.  Your neck gets bigger and you acquire more chins than China Town, bad joke.  But seriously this extra fat around your neck puts pressure on your airway when you lay down to sleep causing you to snore.  In addition, when you gain weight you add fat to your internal tissue as well.  This means that the tissue in your throat gets fatty too.  So basically, getting fatter has a double negative effect on your snoring.  You have the inside of your throat getting narrower because of fatty tissue and the pressure of your larger neck and extra chins making the airway even smaller.  Studies have shown that diet is the most important factor in a weight loss program. 

2. quit smoking

Let’s be honest, you need to quit smoking for multiple reasons.  We will focus on… you guested it, snoring.  If snoring is caused by poor air flow then it should be obvious that smoking will play a major role in your snoring.  There are a few ways that smoking and second-hand smoke make you snore.  First, smoke from cigarettes relaxes the muscles in your throat which causes restricted airflow.  Congestion is another way smoking contributes to snoring.  Congestion makes it harder to breathe in general so it should be no surprise that it effects snoring.  Smoking also irritates your mucus membrane and the small vessels in the lungs.  This inflammation blocks air flow and air compacity in the lungs.  Snoring already deprives you body of oxygen and smoking takes a toll on your respiratory system.  The good news is your body stars to repair all this damage the minute you take your last puff.  There are a ton of products out there to help you quit smoking and deal with nicotine withdraws.

3. Get some exercise 

This is another snoring remedy that will help you in multiple areas of your health.  When it comes to snoring, there are a few ways exercising will help you out.  Cardiovascular exercise helps to improve your respiratory system.  Basically, by running, walking, swimming, etc. you make it a lot easier for you to breath.  You might be noticing a theme here.  The harder it is to breath the more likely it is you will snore.  Working out also tones your muscles, even the ones that when over relaxed cause you to snore.  Exercise burns extra calories to help melt away the fat around your neck which restricts airflow. You need to find a routine that works for you and you will find no shortage of exercise programs on the web. 

4. get treatment for your chronic allergies 

Yes, allergies can cause you to snore.  Allergies cause nasal congestion which in turn causes your upper airway to swell and narrow.  When your congested it’s hard to breathe thru your nose.  Subconsciously you breathe thru your mouth while your stopped up.  Breathing thru your mouth while sleeping causes snoring, especially when your airway in already narrowed.  A lot of the time the chronic allergies have been linked to dust from human and animal skin.  Where there is dust there are dust mites.  As a first step you should make sure you replace your filters every month and do a deep cleaning of your house to rid it of dust.  If that does not improve your allergies you can visit you doctor to have an allergy test done to see what is triggering the reaction.  You can get relieve with medication or talk to your doctor about allergy shots.

5. Avoid alcohol Before bed

I know, I like partake in adult beverages too.  When you get drunk or even have a few drinks before bed to relax, the muscles in your throat and jaw relax.  The reduced tone of these muscles causes a barricade in your airway.  When you breathe with a restricted airway, the air is force thru the small opening and the result is snoring.  Drinking also causes you to sleep too deeply.  In this very deep sleep your mouth drops open with make the airway even more narrow.  Finally drinking dehydrates you.  This combined with the wide open mouth results in a very dry mouth and throat.  When the tissue in the mouth and throat get dry the vibrations that causes snoring get loader.  I’m not saying you can’t drink, I’m saying try to stop two to three hours before you go to bed.

6. Learn To Play A Wind Instrument

I promise, I’m not making this up.  A bunch of studies have linked playing a wind instrument, particularly the Didgeridoo, to a reduction/elimination of snoring.  One study showed that playing for twenty-five minutes a day, six days a week reduced mid-day tiredness.  Their partners reported sleeping better themselves, no snoring.  To play these types of instruments you have to learn circular breathing.  Circular breathing is when you breathe in with your nose and out your mouth at the same time.  That’s how they these musicians are able to play a continuous tone without having to stop to inhale.  Playing these instruments helps to strengthen your throat muscles so that your airway stays open when you sleep.   I had not heard of a Didgeridoo until writing this but it turns out you can get one on Amazon and it pretty cheap.  I found this site with a course on playing the Didgeridoo to cure snoring if you want more info.

7. mouth exercises

One of the main causes of snoring is the narrowing of the airway due to relaxing of the throat muscles.  This happens when you gain weight or from losing lean muscle mass.  This can happen from a sedentary lifestyle or it just naturally happens as you get older.  One way to combat this is by doing mouth exercises or oral myofunctional therapy.  These stop snoring exercises involve working the muscles of your tongue and the soft palate.  Studies show that you can see results from working these muscles in as little as three months.  They have been show to reduce the frequency of snoring by 36% and the volume of the snore by 59%.  Everyone has ten minutes to spare each day to try these exercises and your sleeping partner will thank you.  If you want more detailed snoring exercise plan you can check this one out.

stop snoring products: Stop sawing logs tonight

While you are working on a natural snoring solution, there are products that can help you and your bed mate get a good nights sleep.  Some products will work better for you than others.  Some of them have adjustment periods.  If you are able to get thru the first couple days then you should see some improvement.  Some of them are a little expensive but a lot of them offer money back guarantees.  Also, I’m willing to bed that the person you are keeping up all night would pay double the asking price of these snoring products.

8. Snoring mouthpieces

Snoring mouthpieces, or oral appliances, are the most popular snoring products.  They all work towards the same goal of opening your airway.  They go about it in slightly different ways.  A lot of them work by slightly pulling the bottom jaw forward to open the airway.  This has worked pretty good for me personally during times where I let my weight get up or I get into a bottle of bourbon. A couple aim to reduce the vibrations of the restricted airway to eliminate snoring.  Another group focus on preventing your tongue from falling back and closing your throat.  There are a couple hybrid products that use multiple methods to attack your snoring.  All of the mouthpieces I have use have worked for me, some just better than others.  Some come with a few temporary side effects like sore jaw muscles but nothing that lasts more than a week in my experience.  You can check out my article reviewing the top snoring mouthpieces here.

9. nasal and throat sprays

Snoring sprays work by attacking the reasons your airway gets smaller.  The first type aims to lubricate the back of the throat.  This reduces the amount that the tissue can vibrate which is what makes the dreaded snoring sound.  Mouth breathers are notorious for snoring.  This is because breathing thru your mouth at night dries your mouth out.  Anti-snoring sprays moisturize your mucus membrane to prevent snoring and keep you from waking up with cotton mouth.  Other sprays are geared toward clearing up congestion.  Sinus congestion causes a blockage in the nasal passage way the cause you to breathe thru your mouth and snore.  Clearing the mucous build up has been shown to reduce snoring.  Snoring causes snoring.  What I mean is snoring hard causes inflammation in your soft palate.  I have woke up from a long night of snoring and could feel the swelling in my uvula.  It would almost close my airway the first part of my morning until the swelling went down.  Snoring sprays help with this by acting as an anti-inflammatory to soothe the swelling in the soft palate and throat.  This helps to repair the damaging effects of hardcore snoring.  Here are a couple that work well.

10. chin strap for snoring

The snoring chin strap goes over your head and around your chin to hold your jaw in place.  Like some of the mouthpieces it holds your jaw forward which helps open your airway.  It also holds your mouth shut so it forces you to breathe thru your nose.  It is the most straight forward snoring product you can get.  A lot of people find them easier to use then a mouthpiece.  If you are congested or have allergies then the jaw strap will not work for you.  When you are stopped up your body subconsciously switches to mouth breathing to get the most amount of oxygen.  If you can’t breathe well thru your nose and your mouth is strapped closed you could lower your oxygen levels to dangerous levels while sleeping.  Also, if you try a chin strap, make sure you get one made from comfortable material.  You don’t want an itchy or abrasive strap on your face all night.  I have linked to some of the top chin straps for snoring HERE.

11. nasal dilators

Nasal dilators are products that open up your nasal passageway to increase oxygen intake a reduce friction in airflow.  They come in a few different variants.  There are strips that go on the outside of the nostrils.  They have cones and plastic ring looking devices that go inside your nostrils.  If you are a nose snorer than this type of anti-snoring product is up your ally.  Other than simply widening your nostrils, nasal dilators can help with snoring caused by congestion.  Studies have show them to reduce the frequency and volume of snoring.  The nice thing about nasal dilators is that they typically come at a lower price.  Here are a few that get good ratings.

12. Anti-Snoring pillow

There are a ton of pillows out there that claim to help you with snoring.  They all work the same way.  Just like all snoring products, anti snoring pillows aim to help you with your snoring by keeping your airway open.  These pillows work in two different ways.  The first is they promote side sleeping.  Back sleepers are notorious for snoring because it’s easy for the throat tissue to fall back and block your airway.  The second way they help is the pillows are designed to tilt your head back just a bit to keep you tongue and jaw forward.  Sounds to good to be true but if you think about it, before a trained paramedic begins CPR on a patient they tilt the head back and lift the chin open the airways.  I feel like anti-snoring pillows are for light to moderate snorers but I have heard of it helping chronic snorers too.  Here is link to some pillows that might help you.

13. Nasal Strips

Nasal strips can help you if you are a light to moderate snorer.  Basically, they are a small Band-Aid like adhesive device that has a stiff insert in the middle.  You bend the strip and attach it to the bridge of your nose.  What happens it the insert tries to flex back to being flat and the adhesive strip pulls the nose open.  This has been proven to be effective for some but for most the chronic snorer it may only slightly lower the decibel of the snoring.  They are a relatively cheap solution if you want to give them a try. There is no shortage of nasal strips on the market but Breathe Right are the most popular brand.

14. Humidifier

How can a humidifier help me with my snoring?  If you snore do to allergies or nasal congestion, then a humidifier can help.  This is especially true for people whose conditions are worsen by dry air.  Moisture in the air can act as a filter taking allergens out of the air.  You see dry air is full of dust, dander and other allergens.  Moisture keeps these allergens stuck to the floor and walls instead of floating around your bedroom.  If you get stopped up at night its worth a try, especially in the winter and defiantly if you have gas heat.  You can get one a many different price points.  Here is the best I could find in each price range.  

15. Ear plugs

Obviously, earplugs are not going to help you with your snoring.  However, if you have decided to make the necessary lifestyle changes to get rid of snoring then it will take some time to see progress.  In the meantime, to keep you or your bedmate from sleeping on the couch, earplugs may be the temporary solution.  Your sleeping partner will get a better night’s sleep and not hate you.  Studies have shown that couples that sleep in different beds/rooms have a very high percentage of not working out.  Basically, what I’m saying is earplugs could save your relationship.  You can get earplugs anywhere but here are a few that are geared toward sleeping and a snoring aid.

16. CPAP

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure.  This is a machine that uses air pressure to keep your airway open.  CPAPs are the number one treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.  What they do is blow a constant stream of pressurized air down your airway to keep it from collapsing.  It’s a pretty simple machine made up of 3 parts, the motor, a tube and a mask.  The motor filters air from the room, pressurizes it, sends it to the tube which is connected to the mask.  The pressure needed varies from person to person so it needs to be calibrated by a professional.  To get set up for a CPAP you need to take a sleep study.  This can be done at a sleep clinic or some clinics offer a home test.  Sleep apnea is a serious condition that can lead to many health problems including the worst health problem, DEATH.  If you are a loud snorer or your partner hears you stop breathing or gasping for air in the middle of the night you should set up a sleep test immediately. 

stop snoring immediately with these bedtime hacks

17. Practice good sleep habits

If you are overly tired, it can have the same effect on snoring as drinking alcohol before bed.  If you work long hours or just stay up too late, then when you finally go to bed you sleep hard.  During this deep sleep the muscles in your throat relax more, block the airway and you snore.  No matter how old you are you have heard it your whole life, “you need to get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.” Practicing better sleep hygiene will not only help your snoring but you will feel better too.

18. Avoid heavy meals at night

You should avoid late night meals in general but if you have to eat then snack.  The digestion of food causes the muscles in your throat and tongue to be relaxed.  By now I sound like a broken record but, when these muscles relax they fall back into your airway.  Blocked airway equals……..yep, snoring.  In addition, certain foods cause you to over produce mucus and too much mucus will make you snore.  Its just better to avoid eating heavy meals too close to bedtime.

19. Open nasal passages

A really easy way to open up your nasal passages is to take a hot shower before bed.  The steam gets up in there and loosens up any congestion you might have.  While you are in the shower you can use saltwater rinse in you nose to help get your passages open.  Another method you can try is using a neti pot.  I can’t do it but my brother swears by it.  A neti pot is a little container that you use to pour warm salt water from one nostril to the other.  What you do is hang your head sideways over the sink and breathe thru your mouth.  Then you put the spout into the top nostril and let it drain out the other.  The you switch positioning and pour it into the other nostril.  If you can do it, I hear its great but it just not for me.

20. Avoid taking Sedatives before bed

Sedatives, like sleeping pills, are not good for snoring.  They are like alcohol or being exhausted in that your whole body is over relaxed in a deep sleep, including you throat and tongue.  Laying down with a relax throat is a recipe for snoring.  If you are taking sedatives to help you sleep and you are a snorer, you should talk about alternatives to sleeping pills.  They will only make your snoring worse.

21. stay well hydrated

People should be drinking eleven to sixteen cups of water a day depending on sex and weight anyway but…… When you get dehydrated the secretions in your airways get stickier.  Your nose and soft palate get all gunky causing enough of a blockage to cause you to snore.  If not for the health of it, drink more water to help your bed partner sleep better.

22. avoid spicy foods at night

Spicy foods any time can cause indigestion and late at night the indigestion is intensified by the horizontal position of the body.  As the acid in your stomach travels up the esophagus it can irritate the throat and soft palate.  The inflammation cause by acid reflux causes the throat to swell which causes the narrowing of the airway.  As air has to flow thru the smaller opening the vibrations in the tissue cause more inflammation and the snoring get worse.  Save the hot wings for lunch and eat gentle foods before bed.

23. raise up the head of your bed

Not a whole lot to explain here….. You can stick bricks or wood blocks under the legs at the top of the bed.  You will want to raise it about four to six inches.  This puts your body in a more upright position while sleeping.  When your throat tissue relaxes when lying flat on your back it falls down into your throat blocking your airways.  With the raised head of your bed the throat tissue is less likely to fall into the airway.

24. sleep on your side

Sleeping on your back is call sign of a lot of snorers.  When you are on your back in makes it easy for the soft palate to slump back when the muscles relax during sleep.  When you sleep on you side it can drastically improve your snoring.  If it was just that easy you wouldn’t be searching Google for help.  People get used to sleeping one way and its hard to change.  Aside from your sleeping partner poking at you all night there are a couple tricks to help you sleep on your side.  The best in my opinion is sleeping with a body pillow.  This is a long pillow that you put between your legs to help you stay on your side.  This works really good for me and I have actually learned to love sleeping this way.  The other is taping a tennis ball to your back.  I can see this working but I like to roll from side to side and this would make that a little hard.  Either way it should help you with your snoring.

25. avoid antihistamines

If you have a cold keeping you up there are other remedies out there.  Antihistamines like Benadryl can help you with a stopped-up nose but a lot of them acts as sleep aids as well.  This causes you do hit that overly deep sleep that makes your throat and soft palate relax and block the air passage.  Inhale some steam and or eucalyptus to get your nose unstopped.

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